Concern About The Doggie In The Book

“Daddy?  Will the doggie in the story be OK?”

“Something tells me she’s going to be just fine, KatieDid.”




With the longer, colder nights, don’t pass up the opportunity to snuggle up with your kids and read them a story.

That might mean turning off all devices and the television, but I promise it will be worth your while.

Buy Finding KatieDid : Tales from the Woof Pack in digital or print form at your favorite e-retailer, or ask your local book store to order it for you.




5 Days to Release Date: Do You Think She Knew What Her Future Held?



KatieDid posing with the first print, the author’s softcover proof, of Finding KatieDid:  Tales From the Woof Pack.     

10 Days to Release Date: KatieDid’s First Public Appearance

With her mostly blindness as well as some anxiety issues, I had been practicing polite ways of declining public appearances by KatieDid.

Unfortunately, there was this certain little #1 fan:


She happens to be local, and her mom appears to be the #2 fan.

I figured if we could find a relatively quiet and controlled meeting place, and if Mara (#1 fan) could be instructed to be slow and quiet, maybe it would work this once.

And, since Mara seems to have become smitten with not just KatieDid, but 1-eyed dogs in general, I would throw in Hector (introduced in Finding KatieDid) for the visit as well.  Nothing bothers him.


So, today was the day, and, well, I’ll let you decide



Stopping for a little luvins from her favorite Dad.


Mara had found some dog piles and asked that her Mom pick them up.  What a great eye Mara has to find so many dog piles, and what a great Mom indeed that she should pick them up…. at a dog park.



I think we can make a few assumptions based on this visit.

  1.  KatieDid can meet small groups in controlled circumstances.
  2. Mara has a future in the modeling industry.
  3. If you need the dog piles picked up out of your yards, I know someone.